If you have employed someone you will need to ensure that they are set up correctly so that their pay is correct.

Here Sharon, talks about what information you need and what you need to pass to us.

We can send you over a new starter form, or you can download it from HMRC online.  This form captures all the information we need, including,

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • NI number
  • address
  • previous employment details and tax information

It is really important that we know their tax position so that they are taxed correctly.  For example they may have left a job to come to you,  if this is the case they should have a P45, it might be their first job since April or they may work somewhere else.  These are all things that affect tax codes.

In addition, we will need, their hourly rate or salary, their start date and holiday entitlement.

All the above assumes that you are already an employer, if you are not you will need to register with HMRC as an employer.  Contact us for more information how we can help with this.

Our payroll software BrightpayConnect provides employers and employees online access to all of their payslips and other documentation, either on a PC or via a mobile app.  No more printing payslips!  Please provide email addresses for your employees.

Auto-enrolment pension

If your new employee is eligible for auto- enrolment, included in our fees we will do all the administration for this.

For more information about our payroll services please contact us on 01652 231 931  or