Apprentice Diary – Lewis Rush

My first week as an apprentice 16/10/20

I have really enjoyed my first week as an apprentice at Rebecca Beaton Accountancy Services. I enjoy the flexibility and variety in the jobs I do around the office. They have a very hand on approach, and I was trying many new jobs out very quickly from when I began.

Already I have tried a few jobs from filing, sorting out accounts to little jobs to help around the office such as drying the dishes. This has allowed me to have developed skills that are vital in accountancy and my knowledge of accounts and different software and apps has improved significantly.

An example of this is that I have had to find and delete duplicates within the Bank Statement. To do this I had to use both xero and excel together so that I could highlight the duplicates on excel, making it easier for me to find and delete the duplicates in the Bank Statement. This is important because the duplicates mean that the shown balance of the Bank Statement is wrong, so by deleting the duplicates the value of the balance will become more accurate. I have also had to place transactions into different accounts on xero. For example, if the transaction is a sale I must put in the sales account. The reason I must do this is because I need to put the transactions in the correct account so that the information shown on the balance sheet is correct.

The balance sheet shows the company’s assets and liabilities, as well as this it shows the companies retained earnings, so this needs to be correct to show an accurate representation of the company’s assets, liabilities and retained earnings. After I completed this I had to check for any errors in the accounts on the balance sheet. If any errors were found, I had to use find and recode on xero to correct them until the values in the account were correct.

Filing has helped me improve my organisational skills as I have realised that in accounts different Companies should be clearly labelled and sorted into different business types such as sole trader, limited companies, etc. This is to improve efficiency and make your job easier in the future because when you need to find a certain company, it will be a lot quicker if you know exactly where to find the company file instead of having to look through a pile of unorganised company files until you find the file you are looking for.